The Serialized Writer's Workshop
Advanced Workshop

We are thrilled to announce our second workshop!

The Advanced Workshop for Serialized Writer's is another six week course with professional author and editor Gavin Young.

Having worked with writers across the board for over 20 years, and in that time having also continually kept track of current psychological and scientific research on how we respond to stories as humans, Gavin has a unique take on how, even for published and popular authors, writing can be taken to the next level. 

Now, due to the high calibre of many of the submissions being sent to us, we have been working with Gavin to create an advanced writing workshop aimed specifically at strengthening the work of serialized fiction writers.

This course is for writers who are already working to the standard required to publish on our site yet still wish to up their game!

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The course will run for six weeks, and each session will take place via a 1.5 hour live call.  

Working directly with the novel you wish to publish on the Resurgence Novels website when it goes live, the workshop will focus firstly on building a personal planning method that will help you to keep moving forward with your work, and will then focus on how your mind and body can be tapped into as a writer in order to both draw out every detail of the stories you want to tell and keep the creative process flowing. 

Participants will be called on to work on the novel that they wish to have published on the Resurgence Novels website. The novel can be at any stage of progress as a piece of writing, even if you have only just started working on the opening chapters and are still developing the idea. No writing will need to be sent in prior to the commencement of the course and there will be no onus on anyone to share their work with the group - though it will be gently encouraged for you to do so in order to get the most out of the workshops, as you will have the opportunity to discuss your own work and receive feedback during the sessions. The novel that you work on as part of the course will be entirely yours and you will not be obliged to publish with Resurgence Novels when the course is complete: you are free to share the work you create during the course on existing serialized platforms.


There are 15 total spaces available on the course to ensure everybody is able to engage and feel comfortable, and so that Gavin is able to get to know you as writers and offer more in-depth advice and feedback.

The course will run for six weeks, and will take place on a Tuesday at 7:30pm British Time.  This is 2:30pm EST or 12:30pm MDT - if you are unsure, please double check for your own time zone.

The classes will each be 1.5 hours long, and take place via a live call (MS Teams  or Zoom). They will not be recorded. This is to ensure you can interact with the group and feel comfortable exploring your ideas and sharing your work with Gavin.

The first session will be on either October 12th, as we feel it is important to evaluate all applications properly.

Each session will cost £10 (€12 or US$15) and can be paid in weekly instalments or one payment of £60 (€72 or US$90).

100% of this is going directly to Gavin Young.

The course has a value of US$5000 and Resurgence Novels have subsidised the fees for the first session. In addition, we have asked Gavin to choose 2-3 submissions and we will offer a fully funded place in the workshop to those candidates.

How to Apply

To be considered for a place on this course you should provide us with a sample of around 1000 words.

This should be provided in a word document and sent to

Please provide your sample in Times New Roman or Ariel, font size 12, and use 1.5 line spacing. 
The subject line of the email should be "Ready to roll writing course submission" and your email should contain your name.

The deadline for submitting your sample is October 2nd 2021 so that Gavin has time to read through every submission properly and to make sure the content of each session is tailored to the group members.

Successful candidates will be contacted before the start of the course to confirm they wish to attend. We will inform those who have been awarded a fully funded place on the course at this point.


What genres are you accepting submissions from? 

We welcome submissions from any genre - romance is the most popular genre for serialized fiction, but you will not be excluded from taking the course if that is not your preferred genre.
What should I submit?

Please submit around 1000 words of the work you feel best represents you as a writer. Gavin will be using these to get an idea of your writing style and your strengths as a writer, he will not be commenting publicly (or in the sessions!) about the content of your submission.
You can submit a piece of work you have written for this, or share work from a book you have already published. It can be an opening chapter, but it doesn't have to be. As long as it is around 1000 words in length (900 min - 1200 max), and is a chapter as opposed to a blurb or outline.

Am I good enough?

Gavin has requested samples of your work so that we can make sure participants are all at a stage where they will benefit from the course he has crafted for us. He is not expecting you to be perfect, and we are welcoming submissions from people at all stages in their journey.

Will there be another course in the future?

We are anticipating the course will be sold out, and we are hoping to run it again if there is enough interest. We will be opening up a waiting list when the first course is full.

I can't make a Tuesday at 7:30pm UK time. Will you consider changing the day/time?

If you are not able to make the days/times of the first course, please feel free to submit an application and let us know what days and times would work for you. Although we have chosen a time we feel is accessible for many people, we are happy to listen to you and offer an alternative day/time for a future course if there is enough interest.

Why is it so cheap?

The first workshop is heavily subsidised by Resurgence Novels, and is further discounted as you will be in the first ever group to benefit from Gavin's extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and he will be able to adapt his future workshops based on your feedback.