The Serialized Writer's Workshop
'Ready to Roll'

Resurgence Novels is passionate about providing our readers with high quality content, and we want to support the authors who aspire to write for us.

After speaking to readers and professional editors about the most common issues found in serialized novels, we have worked with a professional editor and course facilitator to produce a workshop  aimed at helping serialized authors develop their skills and overcome the most basic issues that lead to rejection.
The Serialized Writer's Workshop is a six week course with professional author and editor Gavin Young.
Gavin has more than 20 years experience in the publishing industry, and we have been working closely with him as he develops our Ready to Roll editing course, aimed at coaching writers of serialized fiction.

The workshop covers the most common issues Gavin has found when evaluating submissions for Resurgence Novels, and will help authors of all levels to progress and further their skills as serialized writers.

SUBMISSIONS OPEN Jan 24th - Feb 6th

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The course will run for six weeks, and each session will take place via a 2 hour live call.
Participants will each work on the piece they submitted throughout the course, and will have the opportunity to discuss their own work and receive feedback during the sessions.
Each session will focus on equipping you with the skills to produce high quality serialized fiction, and topics will include the most commonplace issues our editors have given feedback on when evaluating our submissions.

Examples of the topics include:

  • The use of tenses and 'tense shifting'

  • World building

  • Characterization

  • Clarity 

You are free to share the work you create during the course on existing serialized platforms, but if you are aiming to publish with Resurgence Novels we ask that you do not publish the work elsewhere.


There are 15 total spaces available on the course to ensure everybody is able to engage and feel comfortable, and so that Gavin is able to get to know you as writers and offer more in-depth advice and feedback.

The course will run for six weeks, and the time and day will be determined based on the majority vote of those who have been offered a place on the course.

The classes will each be 2 hours long, and take place via a live call (Zoom). They will not be recorded. This is to ensure you can interact with the group and feel comfortable exploring your ideas and sharing your work with Gavin.

We plan to run the first session in the week beginning 21st February, however this depends on the number of submissions we receive, as we feel it is important to evaluate all applications properly.
Each session will cost £30 (€36 or US$40) and payment can be made weekly or in one instalment of £180 (€216 or US$240 ) 

The course has a value of £3700 (€4400 or US$5000 )  - Resurgence Novels are subsidising this to keep the course as accessible as possible.  In addition, we have asked Gavin to choose 2-3 submissions he feels show exceptional potential, and we will offer a fully funded place in the workshop to those candidates.

How to Apply

To be considered for a place on this course you should submit your work as outlined on our Submission Guidelines page by February 6th 2022